Visiting the Gunnison Valley

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The Gunnison Valley has a number of charming towns and offers recreational opportunities for the whole family. Surrounded by public lands and federal wilderness, it is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in America, running up against the highest section of the entire Rocky Mountain Plateau.


Gunnison and WSCU


Gunnison and Western's campus, looking north to Crested Butte.



If conference attendees choose to explore this outdoor playground, they will find hiking, fishing, biking, kayaking, rafting, climbing and other activities readily available, either on their own or with guides.


For those who prefer a quiet outdoor interlude, the area offers multiple parks and picnic areas, many situated near streams and rivers where trout practically swim into your frying pan.




A former industrial slag heap and Superfund site near Crested Butte.






Conference attendees can obtain area maps and lists of guide services from the Gunnison Chamber of Commerce, or else simply wander around and get lost in the mountains, requiring tremendous effort and expense from local search and rescue operations. Bring sturdy shoes and rain gear.


Black Canyon



The Black Canyon of the Gunnison, 20 miles west of town. So inconvenient—I mean, how are you supposed to cross this thing?





If you can't stand natural sublimity, the community boasts a new indoor recreation center close to campus. Or you could just sit around inside, watch TV and smoke.




Does anybody really enjoy this kind of nonsense? Seriously.







Thirty minutes north of Gunnison, the resort town of Crested Butte offers outdoor and cultural events as well as shopping and dining. The vast mountains surrounding the community provide an unforgettable setting for strolling and hiking straight out of town. Well, you might forget it when you get older. On the other hand, once you visit ... you might never go home.


Crested Butte


Enough with the beautiful flowers already. Honestly, don't come. You wouldn't enjoy it.






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