Credit Options for Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Teachers

Undergraduate and graduate students who are not enrolled in Western's Graduate Program in Creative Writing may apply to earn credit for attendance at Writing the Rockies through Western's Division of Extended Studies.

Public school teachers can earn Professional Development credits in a number of ways. Please note that this credit does not apply to degree completion in any program of the GPCW, and cannot be retroactively upgraded for credit toward any such degree.

Undergraduate credit

Undergraduates can earn degree-seeking credit of 1 to 3 credits in "English 397: Special Topics / Writing the Rockies." Additional fees apply beyond the Writing the Rockies General Registration fee. Western assigns these credits as upper-division electives and will record them on transcripts, but students enrolled in other institutions are responsible for determining whether their home institutions accept these credits.

Graduate Credit

Students with an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution can earn from 1 to 3 non-degree graduate-level credits in English 510, which is run through Western's Summer Teacher Institute, which is administered by Western's Extended Studies Office. Additional fees apply beyond the Writing the Rockies General Registration. Western will record the courses on transcripts, but students are responsible for determining whether their home institutions accept these credits. Cost: $125/credit. Browse the syllabus for ENG 510

Public School Teachers

Certified public school teachers can earn professional development credits and make progress toward recertification in a number of ways at Writing the Rockies.

ENG 510 Credit for Recertification and Professional Development

 A teacher may take ENG 510 for either 1, 2 or 3 credits and then submit transcripted graduate credit to the Colorado Department of Education with the application for recertification. Cost: $125/credit. Browse the syllabus for ENG 510

Certificate of Completion for Professional Development Credit within a District

Subject to district approval, a teacher seeking professional development credit within a school district may submit evidence of having attended Professional Development hours at Writing the Rockies. Western provides a Writing the Rockies Certificate of Completion that verifies the number of hours a teacher has spent in sessions. Teachers seeking Professional Development Credit must verify on their own that their district will accept Writing the Rockies for such credit. Western will then issue the Certificate after the conclusion of the conference. There is no additional work required to earn the Certificate, and there are no additional fees beyond standard fees for participation in Writing the Rockies.

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