Writing Center Consultant

Position Description: 

Consultants in the Writing Center work with diverse writers across all campus disciplines to help students achieve the writing goals they have set for themselves. Most of the time, consultants work one-on-one with undergraduate students, though they may also be asked to help facilitate workshops, visit classes, and educate the campus about our services. We hire strong writers across all disciplines on campus.

Schedule and Hours

The hours for the Writing Center shift each semester depending on consultant availability and scheduling trends. In general, however, we offer hours during convocation (T/TH 12:30-2PM), and afternoons and evenings Monday-Friday (2-9PM). We may have some limited hours available on Sunday afternoons and evenings. We typically open the third week of the semester. Consultants may volunteer to work during finals if our budget allows.

Most consultants work between 6-10 hours per week, with 4 hours being the lowest assignment and 16 hours the highest. Schedules are assigned based on experience, availability, the needs of the Writing Center, and work study resources. Consultants maintain the same weekly schedule for the duration of the semester.

Position Qualifications: 


  • Sophomore status by Fall 2019
  • Available to enroll in ENG 398 in Fall 2019 (1-credit hour, taken across 3 semesters for a full 3-credits)
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Interest in and desire to learn about academic writing and writing center theory and practices
  • Enthusiasm for peer-to-peer mentorship and learning about individualized learning styles
  • Commitment to valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion among our student body
  • Works well independently and with others


  • Federal or State work study
  • English major, minor, or writing certificate program


In the first semester of English 398, students are introduced to conversations about the role of writing centers on college campuses as well as practical strategies to apply in peer-to-peer consultations. The class is offered on select Tuesdays (4-5 per semester) over the convocation hour to minimize scheduling conflicts. Students are expected to keep a journal and complete reflective assignments related to consultations they have observed and participated in at the Writing Center.

Like the first semester of ENG 398, students their second and third semesters meet on select Tuesdays (3-4) over the convocation hour and continue to keep a journal, though they have more freedom to pursue their individual writing center research interests. In particular, students develop specialized proficiencies in areas such as scientific/technical writing, teaching active reading strategies, citation conventions, working with students with disabilities, offering feedback on presentations (e.g. COM 202), and the like. Students can earn modest salary increases by developing these specialized proficiencies.

In the event a student begins working in the Writing Center during their senior year, they can enroll in more than one hour of ENG 398 to obtain 3-full credits for graduation.

Application Instructions: 

To apply for a position as a Writing Center consultant, email Dr. Liz Smith (lksmith@western.edu) a sample of your academic writing, and answer the following in the body:

  • What year are you in your degree (sophomore, junior, senior)?
  • What is your student ID?
  • If you know it, what work study have you been issued (state, federal, or institutional)?
  • What is your major/minor? (If undecided, you can say so)
  • Roughly how many hours are you hoping to work per week?
  • Why do you want to work at the Writing Center?
Contact Information
Writing Center
Department Location: 
Library 122
Contact Name: 
Dr. Liz Smith
Contact Email: 
Contact Phone: 
Position Details
Work-Study Type: 
Pay Rate: 
$11.10+ merit raises
Semester Start: 
Fall Semester
Number of Job Openings: 
Hours per week: 
5-16 hours per week