Summer Conference Assistant

Position Description: 

Conference Services at Western Colorado University is hiring for the summer conference season. For summer 2019 we are hiring two different Conference Assistant position:

  • Conference Assistant for Camps
  • Conference Assistant for Pinnacles

The Conference Assistant (CA) works in conjunction with the Office of Residence Life & Conference Services to deliver quality service to conference guests visiting Western State Colorado University, and to Western State Colorado University students who choose to live on campus for the summer term. 

Conference Assistants assist with summer conferences lodging, summer school housing, key maintenance and reconciliation, work order submission, linen distribution, making of beds, cleaning rooms and building, removing linen from rooms, and facility usage for the season as needed. In addition, they serve as a representative of Residence Life & Conference Services and Western Colorado University conference guests. Dates of employment are May 20, 2019 through August 2, 2019.

Conference Services Responsibilities

  • Work with the Associate Director of Housing Operations & Conference Services and other staff to coordinate summer conferences lodging, key maintenance and reconciliation, work order submission, linen distribution, room and facility cleaning, and facility usage for guests staying in Pinnacles and Chipeta.
  • Assist with projects at the beginning of the season including moving furniture, inventorying conference supplies, inventorying room conditions, and preparing halls for guests.
  • Serve as a representative of Residence Life & Conference Services and Western State Colorado University to conference guests, and be knowledgeable about campus resources and their services.
  • Respond to the day-to-day needs of conference groups and ensure quality service.
  • Assist with conference group and resident check-in and check-out.
  • Complete daily and special tasks during duty.
  • Regularly update room inventory conditions and submit work orders as needed.
  • Assist Custodial as needed to prepare halls and rooms for incoming guests.
  • Conference Assistants for Pinnacles will maintain regular hours at the Pinnacles front desk
  • Assist with special projects that support Conference Services and/or Residence Life.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Serve in on-call rotation with the other Conference Assistants to respond to after-hours lockouts and emergencies.
  • Be “on duty” on a regular basis as assigned. When on duty, the Conference Assistants will remain in the building/area and assist with all tasks. 
  • Whether “on duty” or not, the CA is responsible for consistently confronting and reporting suspected violations on the Incident Report Form to the Residence Life professional staff member on call.
  • Work with Campus Security regarding incidents involving conference groups or summer residents.
  • Conference Assistants for Pinnacles will elect to live off campus do not participate in overnight duty rotations.

Hall Operations and Administration

  • Perform administrative responsibilities such as check-in and check-out, transfer procedures, room condition reports, maintenance work requests, damage reporting, and safety inspections.
  • Read, interpret, understand, and follow Residence Hall policies and the expectations of a CA.
  • Serve as a liaison between our guests, students, and the Office of Residence Life.
  • Assists with other duties as assigned, including reallocation of furniture and room/facility cleaning.

Additional Employment and Summer Classes

  • No additional employment (on or off campus) is permitted during the term of employment unless approved by the Associate Director of Housing Operations & Conference Services. 
  • Summer classes must be approved prior to enrolling and no more than one class can be taken at a time. Based on training dates, May semester classes will not be approved.


  • Housing on campus is provided at no cost. Meals are provided in Rare Air Café when available while working, and a stipend of $150 per week.
  • Conference Assistants for Pinnacles can opt to live off campus and take an hourly wage ($11.10/hour) if desired.
Position Qualifications: 
  • A 2.25 cumulative grade point average (GPA) at the time of application.
  • Current or previous student conduct sanctions will be taken into consideration and may cause ineligibility for the position.
  • Must be available for employment May 20, 2019 through August 2, 2019.
Application Instructions: 

The Application (It is important to read everything below before beginning your application)

To apply to be a Conference Assistant, you will want to access the application HERE However, please note that there are certain requirements that you may want to prepare before beginning your application. There will be places in the application form to upload required documents.

Resume: Part of the application process includes submitting your resume. 

Applicant Questions: Part of the application process includes submitting your responses to the following questions:

  • Why are you interested in being a Conference Assistant (CA)? Why do you want to be a part of Conference Services team?
  • What do you hope to get out of the position personally and professionally?
  • What do you think is the most important role of a CC or CA at Western?

References: As part of the application, you are required to submit two references. It is suggested that you contact these references prior to submitting your application. References can be any one of the following:

  • Current/former professor
  • Academic advisor
  • Current/former employer
  • Coach
  • Club advisor
  • Religious/faith/spirit leader

Please do not submit family members, friends, or peers as references. Think of who would be the best people to showcase your special talents. At least one of your references needs to be directly connected to Western Colorado University (e.g., professor, coach, staff, and alumni).

Contact Information
Conference Services
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UC 117
Contact Name: 
Paul Giberson
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Position Details
Work-Study Type: 
Pay Rate: 
$600/month stipend
Semester Start: 
Summer Semester
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