Office Assistant

Position Description: 

This position requires good communication skills.  Answering the phones and helping students, parents, faculty and staff will be a large part of the day.  Assisting students who are locked out is also part of this job.  Learning and working in our housing software StarRez, processing mail, making copies, and filing are also required.  We have a great team and would love you to work with us in the Residence Life Office.  Please apply in person, or send your resume and hours available to

Position Qualifications: 
  • A student in our office would need great communications skills.  They would need to have the ability to answer the phone, a lot, and in doing so communicate with students, parents, faculty and staff.  Other duties would include helping with the mail, filing, making copies, and working with our housing software, StarRez.  Another portion would be to be familiar with the campus to assist students who are locked out.  We also require dedication, so when a work-study students signs up for office hours, they are required to be here or let us know if they are not going to be able to make it, or are going to be late.  We do ask that they communicate with our other work-study students to have them fill in for them if they are going to be gone.  Our office coverage need is extremely important.
Application Instructions: 
  • Please apply in person in the Residence Life Office, University Center 117 or submit your resume and hours available to work to
Contact Information
Residence Life
Department Location: 
University Center 117
Contact Name: 
Brenda Kaffenberger
Contact Phone: 
Position Details
Work-Study Type: 
Pay Rate: 
$minimum wage
Semester Start: 
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Number of Job Openings: 
Monday 11-12 a.m.; Tuesday 8-10 a.m. and 1-2 p.m.; Wednesday 8-11 a.m; Thursday 8 a.m. to 1p.m.
Hours per week: