EPIC (Experienced Peers Initiating Connections) Mentor

Position Description: 

Experienced Peers Initiating Connections (EPIC) Mentors serve to support and encourage new incoming student success. EPIC Mentors will guide new students through the summer before orientation and throughout their first academic year. Through one-on-one and group meetings, EPIC Mentors will be a knowledgeable guide for new students, a thoughtful facilitator who provides access to people and resources and ultimately a role model and advocate.

Program Goals
• Supports the transition process for first-year students
• Increase the students campus connections through involvement in campus organizations and familiarizing incoming students with campus resources
• Provide academic and personal guidance
• Increase GPA, retention, and graduation rates of students involved in EPIC Mentor Program

EPIC mentors receive a stipend of $13.00/hour and must be available to work 20 hours a week during Spring, Summer, and Fall. After academics, the mentor position takes next priority; therefore, prospective mentors should evaluate their current schedule, availability, and commitments.


  • Serve as a positive social and academic role model for first-year students at Western
  • Develop and maintain relationships with and provide assistance and support for first-year students (focus on a smooth transition, acclimation, and a sense of belonging)
  • Help facilitate and encourage attendance to all FYE programs  through the nudge program
  • EPIC Mentors must be available to participate in all mentor trainings, meetings, and check-ins with Program Coordinator Annie Westbury
  • Maintain regular contact with 50–60 mentees through informal check in meetings throughout year
  • Plan at least one off campus meal or social outing with mentees each semester (covered by EPIC Program)
  • Respond to e-mail and other communications from the Program Coordinator in a timely manner
  • Communicate with Program Coordinator regarding any mentee issues/concerns
  • Able to commit an average of 20 hours per week throughout the academic year. Summer schedule differs.

EPIC mentors have the opportunity to:

  • Build close relationships with new students
  • Guide new students through their first-year
  • Flexible work hours
  • Competitive wages
  • Opportunity for advancement into leadership or supervisor positions
  • Challenging and satisfying work experience
  • Sharing knowledge with others, giving back to your community, and making a difference in someone's life
  • Meeting and working with individuals from different backgrounds and with a wide range of skills, talents, perspectives, values, and beliefs.
  • Learning transferable skills for future jobs and improving your employability
    Résumé enhancement.
    Positive references/
    Networking opportunity.
    Personal and professional development.

1. Participation in Fall, Spring, and summer training sessions and one weekend training in Spring
2. All EPIC Mentors should be available during Tuesday Convocation (12:30 - 1:45 p.m.) for meetings and one-on-one’s
Tentative Training/ Staff Meeting/ Event Schedule
NOTE: Participation in all events and training are required of EPIC Mentors. Time conflicts will be handled on an
individual basis. If you are selected to become a mentor after initial mentor training, one-on-one training will need to be scheduled.
Questions about the EPIC Mentor position or the application process should be directed to:


Position Qualifications: 
  • Be a rising sophomore, junior or senior
  • Be in good academic and student conduct standing
  • Commit to being a Western student throughout the fall and spring semesters
  • Be willing to learn and share information about the Western student life  and campus resources
  • Demonstrate good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Knowledge of campus resources and support systems
  • Maturity in dealing with confidential and personal information
  • Display a willingness to learn about different cultures


Application Instructions: 

Application Process
Please complete online application and submit it by Monday, Dec. 3, 2018. Following review of all applications, interviews will be scheduled. Interviews will be planned during the week of Dec. 10, 2018.


Contact Information
Student Affairs
Orientation Department
LEAD: Leadership, Engagement and Development
Department Location: 
LEAD /SGA Office
Contact Name: 
Annie Westbury
Contact Email: 
Contact Phone: 
Position Details
Work-Study Type: 
Pay Rate: 
Semester Start: 
Spring Semester
Number of Job Openings: 
Start Spring 2019, throughout Summer 2019 and all academic year of 2019-2020
Hours per week: