Athletics Laundry Supervisor

Position Description: 

As a laundry supervisor you will be responsible for coming in and doing laundry for your assigned team. The work is very easy in that you put the laundry loops in the washers, press a button, and start the wash. Then when they're done they get put in the dryer. You don't have to pour detergent or fold laundry. It's all in loops. You may sit down there and do homework while things are being washed as we have access to a computer. This is a very important position within our department so I need reliable people who will show up on time, complete their shift and make sure the laundry is done on time.

Position Qualifications: 
  • Qualify for federal or state work-study
  • On time
  • dependable
Application Instructions: 

Contact Donovan McMahill ( via email with questions or to apply.

Contact Information
Department Location: 
Paul Wright Gym 112
Contact Name: 
Donovan McMahill
Contact Email: 
Contact Phone: 
Position Details
Work-Study Type: 
Pay Rate: 
Semester Start: 
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Number of Job Openings: 
Early afternoons and evenings
Hours per week: 
up to 20