Student Payroll

Student payroll at Western Colorado University is managed through the Financial Aid Office. The following is some information about working for the University as a student employee:

  • Looking for Work - The Student Payroll Office does not have job listings for jobs on campus. The LEAD Office in the University Center lists all jobs online: Western Work-Study Job Listings.

Student Employment (Work-Study) Contract - If you have federal or state financial aid work-study, you can print your contract from your MyWestern account under financial aid. If you are simply looking for an institutional contract, you can visit Student Financial Services Office at Taylor 314.

Note: If you have not worked for the University before, you must complete the new hire documents. Please visit the Student Financial Services Office in Taylor 314. To work on campus, you will need to provide a passport OR your driver’s license with original social security card or certified copy of your birth certificate from a government institution (Copies are NOT acceptable. Original documents are REQUIRED.)

  • General Safety Guidelines - Beginning with the fall term 2011, all new student employees will need to read and then sign that they have read and been given a copy of the University’s general safety guidelines. 
  • Being Hired - When a supervisor decides to hire you as a student employee, the supervisor will complete the contract and help you with any additional forms you may have to complete. Contracts can be printed form a student’s MyWestern or from the Student Financial Services Office at Taylor 314.
  • Students will track time on our electronic timekeeping system through MyWestern.
  • Student Payroll Period - Student employees are paid monthly. The student payroll period runs from the 16th of the month through the 15th of the following month.
  • Student Payday - Students are paid on the last working day of the month.
  • Direct Deposit - With payroll direct deposit, your paycheck is automatically put in your bank account the morning of each payday. There are no fees to participate and you don’t have to worry about waiting at the Cashier’s Office to pick up a check or depositing it into your account. Now that you can make changes online through MyWestern, you can easily update your information if you change banks or account numbers.
  • Paper Checks - All students who do not receive their pay by direct deposit must pick up their student payroll check from the Cashier's Office in Taylor Hall 314. A pictured ID is required to pick up your payroll check.