Wireless Printing Instructions

Print from Windows PCs, Macs, tablets and some smartphones.
You must be connected to "Western-Encrypted" wireless. This will not work over "Western-Visitors" wireless.

Wireless Printing

logging into portal.

If the box that pops up has your correct student ID, enter your password and click “OK”

Enter password instruction

If it doesn’t, click “Use another account”

Use another account image

Type in wsc\stu and your student number without any spaces in the box labeled “User Name” and your password (that you log in with) in the box labeled “Password” and click “OK”

Image of instructions- logging in

Loading files for printing.

To find what types of files you can print, rest your mouse pointer over “Supported file types”

Checking Supported file types instructions

There are two methods to load files for printing.  One method is to click the “Select File to Upload” button to browse to the file you want to print.

Upload Document to print instructions

Browsing files for printing.

Browse to the file you want to print and click “Open”

Choose file to print instructions

The other method is to drag the file or files you want to print into the dashed box that says “Drop Files Here to Upload”

Drag and drop instructions

Ensure the correct document has been selected.

1. Make sure the file you want to print shows up above the dashed box.
2. Make sure the radial button to the left of the file you want to print is selected.
3. The “Expires” column indicates how long you have to print the file.  Once that time expires you will need to reload the file using one of the two methods previously described (drag and drop or browse to the file again).
4. Click “Next”.


Printing options.

On the page that loads, you can select :

1. The number of copies you want to print
2. The number of pages that will show up per printed page (i.e. if you select 4,  then 4 pages of your file will print on a single page).
3. The page range in case you only want to print a portion of the file (i.e. 2-6 to print pages 2 through 6).
4. You will also be presented with a preview of the file you are printing.

Choosing number of copies instructions

Choosing a printer.

Click the down arrow to the right of “Printer” and select the printer you want to print to by clicking on it. 

Choose printer instructions

You will see “Loading…” while it loads the printer you selected.

Seeing Loading


When the word “Ready” appears underneath “Printer” click the “Next” button (you might have to scroll down to see the “Next” button).  If it is a color printer you will be asked to choose between color and grayscale

Click next button instructions

​Type in your password (the password you use to login) in the “Password Verification” box if it appears and click “OK”

Password Verification instructions

Success Confirmation.

You will see “Success! Your job is ready to be printed”.  Click “Print Now” to print your files. 

Success instructions

You will then see “Success! File printed successfully”.

Success- instructions

Checking Balances.

To see your printing account balance click “Balances”. 

Checking Balance Instructions