WP Pass and Rental Policies

The WP Pass is an optional membership. For $60 per semester, you receive discounted trips and free weekend rentals on everything but boats, bikes and backcountry skis/splitboards. Boats and bikes get $5 off the day rate and backcountry skis/splitboards get one day free (i.e., weekends for the day rate and weekly rentals for the weekend rate)

WP Pass

  • Good news for current undergraduate students: The WP Pass is included in your Campus Rec fee! (Unless you opted out.)
  • Graduate students, alumni/Western employees and the public can purchase WP Passes for $60/semester. WP Pass holders need to possess a current WP Pass by paying the WP Pass fee ($60/semester) or the Campus Recreation fee at the time of rental. 
  • WP Pass holders receive free weekend rentals and student pricing any other time.
  • WP Pass holders do not receive free weekend rentals on boats (including SUPs), bikes or any skis/splitboards.
  • However, WP Pass holders are eligible for a $5 discount off the “Student Price” day rate.

Rental Eligibility

  • Rentals are available to community members, Western alumni/employees and Western students.
  • A Western ID or valid photo ID is required for all rentals.
  • Gear is for personal use only. You may rent for one friend or up to three additional family members at your level of rental pricing.
  • WP reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, but especially if you are in over your head, intoxicated, aggressive or very impatient. We are a student service run by students; we appreciate your respect and patience.

Return, Late, Damage and Payment Policies

  • All rentals must be paid in full at the time of rental.
  • Returned gear must stay in the warehouse 24 hours before it can be checked out again.
  • Late gear will be charged the published daily rate each day until the gear is returned. 
  • All equipment that is lost, damaged, dirty or wet will be charged accordingly.
  • A deposit of $150 is required for all expedition inflatable packages at the time of reservation.
  • All inflatables must be re-inflated and cleaned upon return, before 3 p.m. Please plan your inflatable returns accordingly.
  • A minimum fee for damaged inflatables is $150. Damage charges will still be assessed on any items needing repair or replacement. It is your responsibility to note any damage before checking out gear.
  • See Example Ski (in WP) for damage fee estimates. All ski and splitboard damages will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by our Ski Tech.

Rental Pricing (without WP Pass)

  • Day Rate = same day or overnight until noon the next day.
  • Weekend Rate = Thursday at noon through Monday at 1 p.m.
  • Week Rate = 4-7 nights. Gear checked out Thursday or Friday is due back Monday by 1 p.m. (Yes, the weekend rate can apply to four nights!) Seven-plus nights are subject to weekend rates and require Director approval.
  • Gear checked out Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday is due back Thursday by 1 p.m.
  • Public Pricing is 3x the “Student Pricing” rate.
  • Western Graduate Student/Alumni/Employee Pricing is 2x the “Student Price" rate.
  • Academic or Departmental Pricing is one-half off the “Student Price” rate. Academic/departmental reservations must be arranged in advance by calling our office at 970.943.7051.
  • WP Pass Holder Pricing = “Student Price” rate.
  • Holidays are always an exception. WP will announce holiday rates the week prior to holidays.