Wilderness Based Orientation


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Wilderness Based Orientation Scholarship: Varied



  • Accepted Western student enrolled in classes in the upcoming semester
  • Registered to participate in Wilderness Based Orientation
  • Registered to attend New Student Orientation
  • Demonstrates financial need
  • Exemplify the values of the Wilderness Based Orientation (WBO) Program


Wilderness Based Orientation (WBO) is intended to enhance student success while transitioning into college. It is meant to engage students in the intensive social, physical, and educational atmosphere of a structured wilderness expedition. During which WBO aims to develop strength and quality of character necessary for colligate success. These qualities include tenacity, honesty, craftsmanship, compassion, intrinsic motivation, and leadership.  Through WBO, we attempt to shape the culture of the freshman class by exposing students to the values held by Western Colorado University.  These values include learning, critical thinking, knowledge, education, leadership, fun, service to others, community, citizenry, environmental stewardship, and healthy lifestyles. 

Full and partial scholarships are available to qualified applicants: amount varied

**Application Deadline:  July 1st **



COVID-19 Update:
Due to the health and safety of our students and campus community, we are making modifications to the 2020 Wilderness Based Orientation (WBO) program. Expect to see registration in July 2020. Please stay tuned for more information. If you have specific questions, feel free to contact wbo@western.edu.

Begin your Western experience with an outdoor adventure!

General Information

WBO is an opportunity for you to meet other new students, make meaningful connections, build friendships and get to know the incredible recreational opportunities that Gunnison has to offer before you begin your first semester at Western. All WBO courses take place in August. This year, Registration opens July 2020, through your MyWestern account. Students must be registered for classes before they can register for WBO courses.

With WBO, you will be part of a group discovering what the great outdoors and the Colorado backcountry have to offer. Each WBO course is led by qualified student instructors who will give you instruction on both the adventurous activities and your upcoming college experience.

Please feel free to contact the WBO office: 
970.943.2290 | wbo@western.edu