Western Employer Work-Study Job Submission Form

If you have a work-study job opening on campus, please fill out this form. Once the LEAD Office receives your information, the position will be advertised on Western Work-Study Job Listings.

Also, if you would like the student to apply online, please submit a work order with IT Services, requesting a webform for your position. Once the webform is complete, it can be linked to job listing on the Work-Study Job Listing page.

If you are re-listing a position, you do not need to complete this form. Please contact Sara Phillips at 970.943.2176 or sphillips@western.edu for assistance.
Contact Information
Position Details
Please check all that apply. Institutional work-study is funded entirely out of your department's budget.
Please list how many work-study openings are available for this position.
Minimum wage for Western is currently $8.25/hour.
Please indicate if this position is open to undergraduate and/or graduate students. Please note that if you hire graduate students, they are not eligible for federal or state work-study funding, so their wages come from the department budget.
Note: If you would like to the student to apply online, please submit a work order to IT Services requesting one to be created. Once this step is done, the webform can be linked to the position listing.
If you would like to link your position to an online webform application, please indicate so here.