Using the Western Intranet - Collaborate

If you have landed at this page, you probably have a shortcut that goes to the old Inside Western site pages.  This is a temporary page to help assist anyone whom has not already transitioned to Collaborate.

If you would like to continue on to the Western intranet pages, called Collaborate,  please copy and paste this link: into the address bar of a new tab or window.

If you are accessing this from your home computer, you may have to log in with your regular username and password.  Please make sure to add wsc\ in front of your username, e.g. wsc\fac_someone.  (If you are accessing this from home but with your work computer and are getting a blank page, see the instructions below.)

If you are looking just for an email link, you may go to to go directly to your email.

This page is temporary.Please make shortcuts or favorites to either the intranet site (recommended) or just the email interface.

Thank you, IT Services

Accessing from home with work computer (laptop).

You may have to update your Internet Explorer Settings:  Open IE, select Tools (gear thingy on the top right), then Internet Options, then Advanced Tab.
Scroll down until you see Enable Integrated Windows Authentication and make sure it it UNchecked.  Select OK then close all your browser windows and then retry the link above.


Posted below is the notice from the old inside/fac-staff page.

Moving to the Intranet

Inside Western - Faculty and Inside Western - Staff are moving to the new intranet site.

The information you are looking for has moved!

As you know, our primary public website, is in the midst of a redesign. The basic tenet that influenced all our decisions during the redesign was (and is): The public website is primarily a marketing tool, a way to deliver our Western message to our chosen public audiences.

Cleaner, more relevant Content for our target audiences

Early in our design conversations it became clear there was a significant content in the current site that was not really public, that is, it was really intended only for internal business operations.  Human Resources, IT, Accounting, Facilities and just about every other administrative office had a great deal of internal information posted (forms, pdfs, policies, etc.) that really only faculty, staff and student employees needed to access. This content does not fit into the marketing and messaging objective of the new design and it tends to ‘clutter’ search results with content that is not necessarily useful to our target audiences. Also, this internal use of our public site adds an extra layer of noise that has to be filtered out of any web analytics.

Intranet, a site where we (faculty and staff) are the target audience

Our solution to the content problem described above is to move as much as possible to an “Intranet”. This internal set of web sites, based on Sharepoint (we call it Collaborate) will house this information. Each administrative office (and other entities, eg. Faculty Senate) will have a site where they can publish anything they want accessible for faculty and staff, but don’t need or want to publish to the world. In many ways, Collaborate will become our new ‘home page’ for all things related to internal University business.


When the new site goes live, all of the internal content will be gone from the public site and only available on the intranet.  However, you may begin using the intranet site from this point forward.  It is still in beta, but in fact it will always be so, as we try to improve the site as we learn more about the Sharepoint platform and the needs of the stakeholders.

Getting there

If you are using a university owned Windows computer using Internet Explorer or Chrome, you will be logged on to the intranet automatically after you click the link below.

If you are using Firefox or Safari, you will be prompted to log in to the intranet site.  Use your regular username and password but you will need to include the domain in your username in form WSC\xyz_username.

 If you have trouble logging in or any other questions, send an email to or give us a call at x3123.