Student Programs and Services

Programs and services in support of the academic education at Western are offered in the spirit of American educator John Dewey, who believed that the learning experience should not just be a “preparation for future living” but also the guided and intelligent practice of life in the present.

Thus, the goal of those involved in these programs and services at Western is to provide opportunities for students to “apply the curriculum;” to question thoughtfully; to reason clearly; to either compete vigorously or to cooperate sensitively, depending on the challenge; and otherwise to fully embrace the human condition and the responsibilities and opportunities it affords.

Student programs offer students the opportunity for direct participation in activities involving their mental, physical, spiritual or career-related development.

Services assist students both in making their way through Western and in making the transition to their post-graduate lives. These programs and services include cultural, academic, and diversity-related programs and services, educational and career-related programs and services, and recreational and athletic programs.

The programs and services offered in each of these categories are described briefly in the pages that follow. They are described in more detail in Western's Student Handbook.