Transfer Courses

College-level academic courses with grades of C- or better, completed at an institution accredited by a regional accrediting agency, are generally accepted. Western accepts up to 90 credits, combined total, from accredited institutions, military credit, AP, IB and CLEP exam.

  • Western only applies grades earned through Western toward the calculation of GPA.
  • Western will only grant upper-division credit if the transfer course is taken at an upper-division level, regardless of Western equivalency.
  • No credit will be granted for remedial or vocational-technical courses, except for some military training or as part of an articulation agreement.
  • Courses recommended by the American Council on Education may be considered for credit.
  • Total credit permitted under CLEP, AP and other programs leading to credit by examination is limited to 40 semester credits.
  • Continuing students are advised to receive approval in advance for transfer credit.
  • Credit earned from non-Western Study Abroad programs are treated as transfer credit.
  • To graduate from Western, students must complete a minimum of 30 credits at Western. At least 15 credits in the major and at least eight credits in the minor. Of the 40 upper-division credits, numbered 300, 400 or 600, required for graduation from Western, at least 15 credits must be courses in the major. Exceptions to evaluations of transfer credit by the Office of the Registrar may be requested by the appropriate academic department.

Additional information regarding transfer policies may be found in the Admission Policies section of the catalog.