Military and Emergency Personnel Deployment

In times of emergency, certain students (including reserve military units, individuals with specialized skills or firefighters) are called to provide services to the state or country.

When the call for service or emergency deployment is issued, it is often necessary for students to interrupt their coursework in mid-semester without advance notice. The university recognizes that normal refund and withdrawal policies may not be appropriate and therefore will make the following provisions for individuals who leave the institution mid-semester.

Instructors will accommodate student absences of up to 20 percent of the class time for mandatory military training or an emergency or short-term deployment. Students must be given the opportunity to make up missed assignments and tests later, and they cannot be penalized for their absence during their deployment. Students must notify Student Affairs, which will contact all their instructors on their behalf; in order to receive permission to return to the classroom after their short-term training or deployment, activation letters or orders must be submitted to Student Affairs.

  • Any student ordered to active duty must:
    • Contact Student Affairs immediately; they must complete and submit a withdrawal form if they wish to withdraw.
    • Provide a copy of activation letter or orders.
    • Notify their instructors of their deployment and make arrangements for withdrawal or delayed completion.
  • The Office of the Registrar will withdraw the student with the following conditions:
    • On or Before the Drop Deadline - Students will be dropped from all of their courses if ordered to active duty or to respond to a state or national emergency. There will be no notation of that semester enrollment in their transcripts.
    • After the Drop Deadline - Students will have a choice to:
  1. Be dropped with W grades. A notation of “Military or Emergency Services Withdrawal” will be made under the semester of deployment in the student’s transcript.
  2. In consultation with the instructors, receive a grade of incomplete if:
    1. At least 50 percent of the work has been completed.
    2. The student has obtained a C or better in the class thus far.
    3. Student and instructor share a plan for the completion of the course work with the department chair. Class work must be completed within one calendar year. If the student remains deployed or has recently completed deployment he/she may request an extension through the Registrar’s Office.

Rebates and Financial Aid

Students who choose to be withdrawn will receive a full refund of all tuition and fees, including room and board. Veterans’ Aid payments may have to be repaid to the funding agency under certain circumstances, and the Veteran’s Certifying Official will assist with the paperwork.

If the student is receiving financial aid, the Veteran’s Certifying Official will work with the Financial Aid Office to determine the best refund for the student (based on the Department of Education’s rules governing financial aid).

Western realizes that active duty and emergency personnel students may encounter extreme and unforeseeable circumstances during their educational career. We are committed to helping these students succeed no matter what challenges come their way. Therefore, the offices of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and the Office of the Registrar are willing to review and potentially make additional accommodations for cases in which these students encounter exceptional situations or circumstances.