Course Numbering System

Following is an explanation of the numbers used in identifying courses offered at Western.

001-099 Preparatory skills courses not counted toward the required 120 credits for a bachelor’s degree. Students enrolled in preparatory skills courses will be assessed tuition separately for those courses.

100-199 Courses primarily for freshmen.

200-299 Courses primarily for sophomores. Freshmen may take them after consultation with an advisor. Many 200-level courses have specific prerequisites which must be completed prior to enrolling.

300-399 Courses primarily for juniors and generally not open to freshmen. Sophomores may enroll after consultation with their academic advisor.

400-499 Courses primarily for seniors and generally not for freshmen and sophomores.

500-599 Graduate-level courses that may lead to certificates, or serve in some professions as evidence of continuing education or professional development. Course formats include workshops and seminars and are primarily practice-based. May not be used to satisfy degree requirements.

600-699 Graduate-level courses intended for degree-seeking students. They are more than an extension of the baccalaureate education and, at a minimum, students should be required to undertake original scholarly/creative activity, assume greater responsibility for mastering the subject matter and develop close working relationships with professors. It is assumed that students taking 600-level graduate courses have acquired the ability to use language and information sources effectively, and engage in analytical thought and creative processes.