Types of Aid


Grants are financial aid awards that do not need to be repaid. Generally, grants are awarded based on demonstrated financial need, cost of education and enrollment status. Apply for grants each year by completing the FAFSA. If you are eligible for grant aid, your package may include a combination of Federal, State and Institutional grants.


Western Colorado University awards scholarships based on a number of considerations such as academic excellence, financial need, field of study, school activities, leadership, community service and exceptional artistic or athletic talent.


A loan is a form of financial aid that must be repaid, with interest. If you or your parents are interested in any type of loan, we recommend completing the FAFSA first so our office can provide the best loan options for you.

Western Tuition Discount Programs 

Western offers tuition discount programs for freshman and transfer students in the western, midwestern and neighboring states areas. This provides substantial savings relative to normal, out-of-state tuition and are automatic upon completion of the admission process.


Working on campus can help you pay for your education as well as enhance your academic experience by helping you gain skills and contacts as you prepare for your career. There are a wide variety of employment opportunities on and off campus.