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2019-2020 Tuition:

Initial Teacher Licensure only (27 credits)$12,791 ($404/credit plus $1,883 student teaching fee)
Initial Principal Licensure only (25 credits)$11,983 ($404/credit plus $1,883 principal internship fee)
MA in Education + Teacher Licensure (43 credits)

$19,255 ($404/credit plus $1,883 student teaching fee)

MA in Education + Principal Licensure  (44 credits)$19,659 ($404/credit plus $1,883 principal internship fee)
MA in Education, Educator Effectiveness (30 credits)$12,520 ($404/credit +$400 one time advising fee)
Reading Teacher or Reading Specialist Added Endorsement (24 credits)$9,696 ($404/credit)
CLD Added Endorsement (24 credits)$9,696 ($404/credit)
SPED Added Endorsement (24 credits)$9,696 ($404/credit)
Administrator Licensure only (12 credits)$4,848 ($404/credit) must hold vaild principal license


External Grants and Scholarships


Learn to teach in Montrose and Delta Counties and get your tuition paid for!

Western’s Education Department announces Montrose and Delta School Districts Teaching Fellowship

Interested in serving Colorado’s rural schools? The Education Department at Western Colorado University, in partnership with Montrose and Delta County School Districts, was recently awarded a grant by the Colorado Department of Education to expand its successful residency program for teacher licensure. The grant will fund fellowships to fully cover tuition for Western’s yearlong teacher residency program. Fellowship recipients must complete their residency in schools within Montrose and Delta County School Districts, and then serve for two additional years in the partner districts as a teacher of record. Preference will be given to applicants who pursue teaching licenses in STEM, special education, and other areas of identified need within Montrose and Delta.

Review of fellowship applications for the 2019-2020 academic year will begin April 15th and conclude June 15th. Please contact Deanna Banker ( with any questions.

How to apply:


Candidates taking 5 or more credits may apply for federal loans and may be eligible for repayment or loan forgiveness programs:

Payment Due Dates and Payment Options