SGA Sustainability Fund Proposal: $1000 or less

The Sustainability Fund Committee is requesting proposals from students for projects that promote sustainability at Western Colorado University. The purpose of the sustainability fund is to provide Western students access to the financial resources to initiate projects that:

1.  Support Western’s use of more sustainable and renewable energy
2.  Reduce unnecessary consumption of goods
3.  Increase reuse of usable goods and recycling of materials
4.  Promote the ethical stewardship of all resources and land on Western's campus

Green money for your green ideas!

Must be a current Western student
All projects must have a faculty/staff member consulted in proposal development and willing to advise the project.
Please use (xxx) xxx-xxxx format.
Complete description of the proposed project, including a detailed description of the activities required to successfully implement it. As applicable, the summary should also include an implementation schedule, person(s) responsible for implementation and ongoing maintenance.
Explain the benefit your proposed project and how it will meet all Sustainability Fund requirements and help further Western’s overall sustainability movement. Also include how you will measure success of the project. Keep in mind that student fees compose the Sustainability Fund, so you have the responsibility to spend money efficiently, responsibly, and in a way that benefits students.
Are you requesting funding for an event? If so, what is the date?
Include details and justification for all costs associated with the project. Budget must be itemized, not just ballpark figures. For example, rather than saying Building Supplies-$150, please provide more information, such as: Gorilla Rack Shelving - 77"W x 24"D x 72"H, $120.
Explain why you believe you’re qualified to carry out this project and any relevant experience you might have (volunteer work, employment, courses, etc.).