Summer Licensure Orientation

Summer Licensure Orientation is an opportunity to meet your instructors and peers face-to-face, learn the program technology and get ready for your classroom experience.

Attendance is mandatory for all licensure year students and post-licensure year students enrolled in EDUC 680. Those students pursuing the MA in Educator Effectiveness do not attend summer licensure orientation.

Summer Licensure Orientation is a non-credit orientation experience for which you will not be billed.


2019 Summer Licensure Orientation: July 26-28

2019 Capstone Summer Session:  July 26-28


Summer Licensure Orientation Housing

We offer affordable, on-campus housing in the Pinnacles residence hall apartments. You will have a private room in a shared apartment, private apartments are not available. Click here to sign up for housing!

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“Before attending Summer Licensure Orientation, I had an endless list of questions and fears. After this experience, I feel so much more at ease. This was a wonderful experience that every future educator should attend.”

“Summer Licensure Orientation was such a great way to meet the teachers and make the whole online experience personal.”

"Deeply passionate program professors/staff."

"I would like to take this opportunity to express how the summer licensure orientation helps students. I have done online programs in the past (a two-year Masters program). This is the first program I got the opportunity to meet in person with the other students and faculty. I had no idea what I was missing! The camaraderie built in those few moments will really help when I see names again in an online discussion. Rather than shaking my head at a screen online later, I see myself taking in fellow student discussion posts with empathy and compassion. Having this attitude will deepen my own learning."