The SWEET Life

All members of The SWEET Life complete a rigorous training and certification process which allows them to engage with fellow students as Nationally Certified Peer Educators. SWEET Life members then use their knowledge and shared experience to support their peers through this difficult time we call college. The SWEET Life spends their time hosting events, talking with peer and connecting them to campus and community resources, organizing campaigns, engaging in community coalitions, gaining experience as Certified Peer Educators, and creating a culture of wellness on Western's campus. Last year some of our initiatives included:

Weekly Meetings

Meetings are held every Tuesday at 12:30 and are mandatory for members. This is where we plan, learn, practice and hone in on what it means to be a peer educator!

Wellness Wednesdays!

A weekly celebration of what keeps us health, happy and effective Mountaineers!

The Mountaineer Challenge

A late night display of pure athletic ability! Will NCAA Athletics be able to defend their 2016 title against Club and Mountain Sports?

Mental Health Awareness Week

What are your strengths? How do you use them to keep yourself healthy? The SWEET Life will explore and educate fellow Mountaineers how to thrive (or sometimes just survive) in times of struggle and hardship.

Speed Dating and Trivia

Looking for a romantic connection? Let us help you! Oh, and you might learn something too!

Condom Week

For those who choose to engage in sexual activity, understanding the importance of contraception and related community resources is very important. The SWEET Life has got you covered.

Grill and Chill

Connection and engagement is key to thriving in college. The SWEET Life knows this, we also know that the "culture of busy" can get the best of us, sometimes we just want to relax and enjoy a nice, freshly grilled burger. We hope that you will join us!

Party Packs

For those students (over 21) who choose to consume alcohol, Party Packs are here to make sure you use responsibly. Stop by the LEAD Office and pick one up today.

Flu Packs

Cold and flu season is a tough one on a small campus, germs seem to spread like wildfire, and weakened immune systems as a result of stress or lack of sleep only add to the equation. If you feel yourself getting sick stop by and pick up a flu pack, then make sure to connect with the Campus Medical Center!

Breakfast for a Buck

Join us twice a month for late night breakfast burritos at Mad Jacks, there only $1. Added bonus, you get to hang out with The SWEET Life!

There are many types of membership available within The SWEET Life including coordinator and leadership positions, internship and practicum opportunities, paid positions within the LEAD Office, professional development and more!  For those who want to be involved but don't want to take on too much responsibility, your engagement level is up to you!  We welcome any student with an interest in bettering the health and wellness of Western's campus community.

If you have questions regarding The SWEET Life or would like to inquire about becoming a member click here.

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