Second Year Experience

 Second Year Experience (SYE) is a program dedicated to engaging second-year students at Western by focusing on their goals and giving them opportunities to learn more about themselves as they prepare for the world after college. 

We have dedicated faculty and staff with resources to help our second-year students get more out of their Western experience. SYE is dedicated to:

  • Providing second-year students with opportunities to increase their campus, community and cultural connections.
  • Connecting second-year students with faculty and career disciplines.
  • Increasing student competence, personal awareness and engagement.
  • Encouraging second-year student participation in leadership opportunities.
  • Helping student explore personal health, wellness and interpersonal development. 

Two-Year Live-On

The two-year live-on experience is an integral component of the SYE program at Western. Western believes that students who live on campus are more likely to stay enrolled, graduate on time and feel connected to the campus community.

Students who live on campus are more likely to persist to graduation, have more interaction with their professors, have improved interpersonal relationships, become more involved in extracurricular activities and experience a higher overall satisfaction with their college experience.

Academic Leadership Program

Western offers a comprehensive leadership program that provides several Academic Leadership Program Scholarship (ALPS) academic and leadership scholarships, service learning and opportunities for campus and community involvement.


Throughout the year, the SYE program reaches out to second-year students with opportunities to learn more about themselves and their academic and career goals. Students are invited to attend academic departmental luncheons, a major fair that explains and promotes the degree programs offered by the university and career fairs to find potential employers and career paths. Spring & Fall registration advising is also offered to help our second year students pick the classes they need to achieve their goals and follow their dreams.

Classes and workshop are offered throughout the year to help students discover more about themselves. Short, informative workshops are offered in wellness training, stress management, alcohol and drug prevention education, sexual conduct training and healthy relationship building.