Application Process

Interested in becoming a Geiman Fellow?

Minimum Qualifications for the Geiman Fellows

  • Sophomore, Junior, or Senior with at least two remaining semesters (24-96 credits at the end of Spring 2018)
  • Suggested 3.0 Cumulative GPA
  • Demonstrated curiosity, involvement, knowledge, skill, and/or drive beyond what is expected
  • Demonstrated reliability, responsibility, integrity, flexibility, collaboration and/or strong interpersonal skills
  • Proactive and responsive communicator
  • Proven leadership or potential for leadership with additional mentoring
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple endeavors without experiencing excessive stress
  • If you know a student who does not meet all of the above qualifications, but know that s/he has the drive to acquire them, please nominate him/her. 

Although we suggest that a faculty or staff member nominates you, if you are passionate about becoming a Fellow, please contact a faculty member of the Geiman Fellows program and talk to us about applying.

Application Guidelines

Please submit a résumé and cover letter (maximum of 2 pages), which includes the following information:

  • Name, Student ID#, Campus Address (include residence hall and CPO or off campus address), permanent home address, e-mail address, cell phone
  • Major(s), Minor(s), Career Interests/Goals
  • Provide a fall 2018-2019 schedule of your average week, including courses, work, extra-curricular activities (e.g., SGA, clubs, service, intramurals), and playtime
  • Please research the Geiman Fellows webpage, as well as speak with past and current Geiman Fellows and then reflect on the following: What do you understand the Geiman Fellows program to be, what do you hope to gain from it, and what would be your most valuable contributions? 

Be sure you craft a professional résumé and cover letter, attending to all requested information above; it is highly suggested that you seek help at Career Services through the draft(s) and revision(s) process.

After applications are reviewed, students will be chosen to go through an interview process. This is the final step in the application process to be a Geiman Fellow.