Geiman Fellows


The mission of the Geiman Fellows program is to develop leaders capable of excelling in today’s marketplace and being productive members of our global society.


  • To broaden participants’ perspectives of the changing global marketplace
  • To provide diverse opportunities to enhance students' skillsets, so as to be effective managers and leaders therein, including analytical and decision-making competencies, emotional intelligence, humility and gratitude, problem solving, resilience and practicing various facets of professionalism
  • To provide role models and support participants taking responsibility for continuing their professional and personal growth and civic engagement


  • Respect for and engagement with self, the environment and diverse others, including advocating for the voiceless / less fortunate
  • Engaging with challenges, knowing that both successes and failures provide learning and growth opportunities
  • Communicating with courage, compassion and clarity
  • Encouraging others and express gratitude
  • Personal and civic responsibility, locally and globally, including understanding the value of and engaging in service


  • Enhanced business acumen
  • Insight into the effective practice of leadership and management 
  • Greater sense of personal purpose, including discovering and nurturing signature style
  • Broadened personal and professional perspectives
  • Open mind and appreciation of exposure to differing viewpoints
  • Ability to obtain information from diverse and reliable sources to inform critical thought and decision making