Selective Service

The Selective Service System is what provides our nation with the structures and guidelines for a draft, in the event that the country would need one.  Registration with Selective Service is a federal law and is required by all males ages 18-25. As a student you must be registered to be eligible for FSA funds.

Download the Selective Service Form

Not sure if you've already registered?

Haven't registered yet?

Not 18 yet?

  • If you have not yet turned 18, Western still needs you to complete and turn in the Certification of Selective Service Registration form. Check the box that says "I have not reached my 18th birthday" and sign. Remember that you will need to complete a new form verifying that you have registered once you turn 18.

Selective Service's website (linked above) is very informative and is a great resource to answer any questions you may have about Selective Service. 

When you are sure that you have registered, please fill out our Certification of Registration form and return it to the Student Affairs Office in 301 Taylor Hall or fax it to 970.943.2254.  We do not need a copy of your registration number that you receive as confirmation of your registering, keep that for your records.

***Email for the Certification of Registration form or stop by the Office of Student Affairs in Taylor Hall 301. This form is also emailed out to all new students before Orientation.***