Immunization Requirements

For health and safety reasons, as well as compliance with Colorado law and State Health Department regulations, all students enrolled in colleges and universities are required to submit proof of immunization*.  In the event of an outbreak, Western needs to be able to respond appropriately and timely.  For this to be effective, we need ALL students to comply.  Students must submit the completed CERTIFICATE OF IMMUNIZATION FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS or STATEMENT OF EXEMPTION form to Student Affairs before registration.  To make sure we have full student compliance, holds will be put on student accounts who have not provided us with proof of 2 MMR immunizations.  Holds will also be placed on student accounts for those living on-campus and are missing the meningococcal vaccination or waiver.

Age Exemption

*Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine is not required for college students born before January 1, 1957.

A college student is defined by the State Board of Health as any student who is enrolled for one or more classes at a college or university and who is physically present at the institution. Students who are auditing classes are included, but students who are taking only correspondence or off-campus classes are not included.

Early each semester, all students who are not in compliance will be notified by email and it will be noted on their checklist in MyWestern.

If your proof of immunity is incomplete, contact the Campus Health Center located on the first floor of Tomichi Hall or Public Health to obtain the necessary immunizations.  The MMR immunization is usually given to children at age 1 and 5.  We are not asking that you get an additional immunization if you have already had these shots.  We only need proof that you have had them.  Proof can be provided on an immunization record that is signed by a doctor, a record that has been printed directly from a provider or insurance company’s electronic record, or from a previous school.  More than likely, your high school also required these shots.  A record from your high school will most likely be accepted.  A hand-written, personal copy is not sufficient unless it includes some kind of signature or stamp from the clinic/doctor that administered the vaccination. Some states have a database that you may be able to use to locate your past immunizations.  

If you need to get the immunization, Public Health in Gunnison (970.641.0209) does offer the immunization.  Under the Affordable Care Act, if you have insurance, immunizations are provided at no cost.  Without insurance, the immunization cost is $14 per shot.  A titer test can be taken at the Gunnison Valley Hospital, which will show if you have been immunized before.  A positive titer would mean that you have been immunized and you would only need to provide the positive titer results instead of proof of 2 MMRs.  However, a titer test is significantly more expensive.  It is not harmful to get re-immunized if you have had the shots before.  If there is no record of the immunizations, we have to assume they never happened.

Please print the form below and send it to the Office of Student Affairs. You may call the Campus Health Center at 970.943.2707 if you have questions regarding this vaccination.

  • Immunization Form (click on "Certificate of Immunization for college/university students") -> please print and sign. Please do NOT use a digital ID signature.

Western Colorado University strongly recommends that all students receive the meningitis vaccination. However, Colorado state law indicates that only first year students are required to provide proof or a waiver of the meningitis vaccination.  A meningitis vaccination must have been given within the past five (5) years, otherwise a booster is required.  If a student decides not to obtain the booster and their previous vaccination is more than five (5) years old, they must sign the waiver (pg. 2 of the Certificate of Immunization). Students interested in getting the meningitis vaccine should contact their health care provider or contact Gunnison County Public Health at 970.641.0209 to make an appointment. First year students and students living in on-campus housing will be asked to read and acknowledge information regarding the meningitis vaccine when completing their housing contract online before moving into their residence hall and all students are required to sign a waiver if they chose not to receive the vaccination.

*PLEASE NOTE: The immunization form has two (2) pages.  You only need to fill out the Meningococcal Disease side if you have decided NOT to obtain the vaccination or your most current shot is more than five (5) years old and you have chosen not to get a booster, in which case, please check the box and fill in the information requested.  If you have received the vaccination, please fill in the date it was received on the 1st page and ensure that you have at least read the Information Regarding Meningococcal Disease.