State Price Agreements

The State of Colorado State Purchasing Office establishes price agreements through competitive bid processes to award statewide "State Price Agreements (for Commodities/Services)" for many products and services to a number of vendors from which state agencies purchase goods and services. Complete and current information including the terms and conditions of the price agreements are available on the State Purchasing Office website. Pricing can be viewed directly in the price agreement document, in PDF files attached to the agreement or by a web link to the vendor's website.

The University is required to purchase from the State Price Agreements provided the products or services offered under the price agreements are in substantial conformity to the needs of the institution. (Western VI.F.3.d.)

The University shall purchase from the "mandatory" and "permissive" State Price Agreements unless better prices, shipping and payment terms are available elsewhere. There is no dollar limit for purchases on orders from State Price Agreements and these purchases are not subject to any additional bidding requirements. A few State Price Agreements require order minimums on dollar amounts or quantities.

A few mandatory State Price Agreements are also mandatory for Western purchases and shall be used to the exclusion of all other sources.  These mandatory State Price Agreements that are also mandatory for Western purchases are:

  • Automobile Rental
  • Travel Agency