About Us

In accomplishing its mission, the Office of Sponsored Programs:

  • Provides assistance to the principal investigator (PI) or project director (PD) with interpretation of policies, regulations and guidelines applicable to particular projects.
  • Assists in locating potential funders, sponsors and partners.
  • Procures any necessary Requests for Proposals (RFP’s), guidelines and application forms.
  • Advises in the preparation of proposals, including: standard forms to be completed; compliance; assurance forms; institutional data; budget preparation; indirect costs; and evaluation.
  • Partners in program design and development by providing editorial services, reviewing draft proposals and budgets to ensure compliance with university regulations and agency policies,
  • Provides strategic advice on internal and external review procedures and promotes timely and positive sponsor interaction.
  • Ensures seamless research administration from proposal development through timely award closeout.
  • Maintains a grants data base of all Western grant activity.
  • As the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR), submits all hard copy and electronically submitted grants via Fastlane and Grants.gov. and provides re-submittal support.
  • Assists in the procurement of funds from the Indirect Cost Incentive Fund.