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ShoreTel User Self Registration Steps

- Lift handset or press speaker button and press #. (Phone Screen should say “Available” on the 230 or "Shoretel" on the 115. If the screen is displaying another extension number then press # button twice.  If the screen already displays your extension or name, you will only need to do the first 4 steps in order to set up your voicemail.)

- Enter the extension number to be assigned to this phone. 

- Enter the password for the extension (Default password is 1234).

- User will now be prompted to change their password.  Enter any 4 -16 digit numeric password.

- User will now be asked to record their name.  Follow prompts for name recording.

- At this point the user is at their default mailbox menu.  Press Option 7 for voicemail options, Option 3 to re-assign the extension, and Option 1 when prompted, and the extension will be statically assigned to this phone. 


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