School of Environment & Sustainability

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Welcome to our Colorado home, serving as both our regional classroom and as our global springboard. Beginning over two decades ago with the ENVS undergraduate program, our students have monitored forests on snowshoes, managed a campus organic farm, addressed climate change, and partnered with diverse global communities. In 2014, we added a Master in Environmental Management (MEM) program. Over 75,000 hours of MEM projects have served community organizations across Colorado, the American West, and as far as Kenya, the Himalayas, and Costa Rica. In 2019, we will add a MS in Ecology to take full advantage of the ecological wealth of the Gunnison Country.

OUR MISSION: We empower students to foster community transitions to ecologically resilient, economically sustainable, and socially just energy, food, water, and land-use systems.

OUR VISION: We enact new ways to thrive in the American West, in worldwide mountain communities, and as global citizens through academic programs, public events, faculty research, and student projects.

OUR VALUES: We deliver experiential and student-centered education, scientifically-informed decision-making, interdisciplinary learning, global networks of place-based change, cultural inclusivity and social justice, and cross-boundary (public/private, urban/rural, local/global) environmental stewardship.

In addition to solution-focused academic programs, the School of ENVS includes public initiatives under three centers: the Center for Mountain Transitions, the Center for Public Lands, and the Center for Cold-Climate Food Security. Imagine faculty researchers, student project leaders, experiential learners, community conference directors, and leading thinkers coming together to wrestle over the future of the West and the world—here at the headwaters of the West. We hope you can join us!​

Dr. John C. Hausdoerffer |  Dean, School of Environment & Sustainability

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Master in Environmental Management

Master in Environmental Management
Masters degree in Environmental Management, Environmental Studies Degree, Environmental Management, environmental planning degree, Western Colorado University
Students study the snowpack / a student installs a solar panel

Master in Environmental Management (MEM) 3+2

Accelerated Degree Program
Master in Environmental Management, MEM, Western Colorado University, accelerated degree, 3+2, Western State, accelerated graduate degree
Student taking notes in the Field

Master of Science in Ecology

Master of Science
Master's of Science in Ecology, MS in Ecology, M.S., Master of Science, Environmental Science, Graduate program, fisheries, conservation, research, masters
Student looks through microscope / students study river ecology

Master of Science in Ecology 3+2

Accelerated Degree Program
accelerated, Ecology, 3+2, MS, Masters, Fisheries, Biology, Conservation Biology, Wildlife Management, western colorado university, five year master's