The Wilbourn Family Scholarship


  • Full-time students with junior and senior status
  • Student has displayed acts of peace in the Gunnison Valley, be it environmental, social, or otherwise


This scholarship is provided by Mary Virginia Miller and Samuel James Ross Miller.

$1,000 as funds are available


Please complete and submit Western's Common Scholarships Application.

Applicants must include a personal statement (1,000 word maximum) and two letters of recommendation. The personal statement should include background about applicant's interests and motivations at Western. Include examples of specific projects, events and experiences with progressive social activity in the Gunnison Valley and explain how these brought peace to the community. Describe your long-term goals and concerns surrounding your future as an active citizen and explain how this scholarship will help you continue to be a peaceful person in the future. The letters of recommendation can be from university faculty, advisors, activists, organizational leaders, politicians or others who are familiar with your recent activities.