Champion Leadership & Responsibility Scholarship

Champion Leadership & Responsibility Scholarship is available to:

Intercollegiate Athletes that are a junior or senior in Intercollegiate Athletics eligibility standing in their respective sport program(s). Be at least 21 years of age by the first day of classes in the academic year in which they receive the scholarship. Recipient must be enrolled at Western and in good academic standing with a minimum 3.0 GPA, and be a member of a Western State Colorado University Intercollegiate Athletics team. They must be eligible to compete under NCAA and RMAC rules and regulations, and clear a back-ground check conducted by the Office of Student Affairs.

Scholarship Recipient Provided by:

Miller Brewing Company/Colorado Beverage Distributing Inc.

Scholarship Amount: Award depends on fund availability

Scholarship Recipient Selected by:

Intercollegiate Athletics Director or Assistant Intercollegiate Athletics Director for Internal Operations and Compliance, Assistant Intercollegiate Athletics Director/Senior Woman Administrator, Sports Information Director, Faculty Intercollegiate Athletics Representative, one professional member of Student Affairs/Campus Life, two members of the Student Intercollegiate Athlete Advisory Committee (one male and one female).

Scholarship Criteria:

10% Intercollegiate Athletics Achievement 15% Academic Achievement 75% of the criteria is based on the following: Demonstrated leadership and responsibility - this includes responsibility in all aspects of one's life, especially in the area of responsible decision making regarding alcohol. Demonstrated leadership and involvement in campus and off-campus activities including, but not limited to Student Government Association, Student Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Council, Academic Leadership Program, on and off-campus community service engagement. Community service activities involving responsibilities regarding alcohol and alcohol awareness programs carry additional weight.
Continued Expectations:Throughout the year that an applicant receives and represents this scholarship, they are expected to continue to live to the ideals of the scholarship program. They are highly encouraged to engage in at least one service project that has focus on alcohol awareness and responsible behavior.

Scholarship Application:

Contact the Intercollegiate Athletics Department for application and deadline information. (970) 943-2079 - Paul Wright Gym 210. Hand deliver application packet which includes a letter of application, resume, support materials/portfolio demonstrating leadership and involvement activities, and three letters of reference to:

Champion Leader and Responsibility
Scholarship Program Selection Committee
Attn. Loretta
Intercollegiate Athletics Department
210 Paul Wright Gymnasium
Western State Colorado University
Gunnison, Colorado 81231

Academic Program(s): 
Interdisciplinary Studies/Liberal Arts