Safety Tool-kit

Campus Safety Policy                     

Western Workplace Safety Policy

Campus-wide General Safety Guidelines

 General Safety Guidelines

Training on the general safety guidelines is required and can be found at

Safety Meeting Log

Safety Meeting Log

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Safety Training Topics with "One Click" Here!

Back Injury Prevention Tips         Slips Trips and Falls  

Right to Work Comp                   Slips, Trips & Falls 2

Summer Safety Outdoors            Office Lifting Safety

Carbon Monoxide                       Falling & Flying Objects

Cuts and Burns                          Keeping Cool in Summer

Ergonomics                               Desk Adjustments for Your Back

Extension Cord Safety                Lifting & Ergonomics

Fire Extinguisher Use                  Flammable Liquids

First Aid Kit Use                         Good Housekeeping

Back Injury Prevention                Hazard Communication

Winter Safety                            Teamwork

Teach Safety

Accident Analysis Form

(also for "near misses")

Immediately after all workplace accidents (and near miss incidents), supervisors must complete an accident analysis.  Please use this Accident Analysis Form. The purpose of an accident analysis is to identify root causes of accidents and to create and implement action plans designed to prevent similar accidents from recurring in the future.   If you have any questions, contact any member of the Workplace Safety Committee.  Send completed forms to the Human Resources Office.

Workplace Safety Committe Members

Contact any of the following Workplace Safety Committe Members with your safety questions, or suggestions for a safer workplace:

Links to online safety resources

Pinnacol Assurance Safety Information; provides detailed safety training information on numerous commonly applicable safety topics

 Pinnacol Assurance Training Resources: Safety Talks, Videos, Posters