Roles and Responsibilities in Proposal Development

Identifying Funding


Principal Investigator/Project Director

  • Identify funding source
  • Review program guidelines

Sponsored Programs Director

  • Assist with funding searches
  • Clarify program guidelines if necessary
  • Establish accounting string for Grant Fund

Proposal Preparation and Submission


Principal Investigator/Project Director

  • Prepare technical proposal
    • scope of work
    • biosketches
    • collaborators or other personnel
    • other proposal components required by sponsor
    • complete IRB requirements as appropriate
  • Identify subcontractors
  • Identify other administrative requirements e.g., subcontracting plan
  • Prepare proposal budget and submit draft to sponsored program director
  • Identify sources of any required cost sharing
  • Prepare Pre Submission Tracking Form and obtain all required departmental signatures
  • Provide a copy of the complete proposal and the signed Pre Submission Tracking Form to sponsored program director at least ten working days prior to submission
  • Request incentive award at time of submission if applicable

Sponsored programs director

  • Contact sponsored program office at subcontractor’s institution to request administrative materials
  • Provide information and assistance in completing administrative information
  • Prepare proposal budget from draft provided
  • Provide information and guidance on sponsor and university cost sharing requirements
  • Review proposal for conformance to sponsor and university requirements
  • Determine that protocol information provided is valid
  • Determine that PI/PD is in compliance with conflict of interest requirements
  • Review budget – both sponsor and cost shared
  • Provide institutional signature
  • Copy and submit proposal

Proposal Submission and Sponsor Review


Principal investigator/Project director

  • Prepare and submit necessary human subjects and animal use protocols (some sponsors may require this step to precede proposal submission)
  • Prepare responses to sponsor inquiries during review process and provide response to sponsored program officer

Sponsored programs director

  • Review response
  • Verify compliance information (e.g., protocol approval dates, key personnel have completed required education in the protection of human research participant)
  • Provide institutional signature on response as needed
  • Once proposal is submitted, any communication between sponsor and Western employee should be copied to OSP