Staying Safe on Campus

Important Numbers

  • 24-hour Emergency: 911
  • 24-hour Non-Emergency: 970.641.8000
  • Campus Security Cell: 970.209.1020
  • Don’t Walk Alone: 970.209.1020 (Personal Safety Escorts)

Duty Hours

Campus Security Guards are on duty from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. seven days a week.

Personal Safety Tips

Crime is an unfortunate reality in the U.S. and college campuses are not immune.  Many crimes occur because an opportunity was created for them to happen. For example, most crimes of theft and burglary are random, not calculated. While campuses in the Rocky Mountain West may appear peaceful, they are in reality, small cities with some of the same problems of a city. Thousands of people make safe trips across the Western campus every day and the tips below will serve to enhance your safety whether on or off campus. Consider the following suggestions in your day-to-day activities.

Security Tips for Office Personnel

Lock and secure your desk and office when away, even if it’s for just a minute or so. Keep small valuables (wallets and purses) out of sight by placing them in a closed and locked desk or file cabinet.  If possible, when away from your work area, let a coworker or close neighbor know about your departure and expected time of return. Keep a list of brand names, serial numbers, model numbers and descriptions of all office equipment in your work area. Protect your personal property by marking it with an additional, special identification number, such as your driver’s license number or student ID number.

Be alert at all times

Watch for obvious strangers around your office, home, or apartment. Check for signs of a break-in before entering an empty house, office or car. Call Campus Security or the Gunnison Police if you see signs of forced entry to a building or a car. Call Campus Security or the Gunnison Police if you experience minor theft problems over a period of time. When at campus facilities, do not leave backpacks or books unattended. Print your name inside every textbook you own. If you are driving and think you are being followed, make several turns in one direction and head back the way you were going.  If the car is still behind you, go to the nearest police or fire station or to a public place. Do not stop or get out of the car. Have someone call the police for you. Involve your associates. If you are expecting a delivery or a guest in your absence, leave your keys with a neighbor or a co-worker. Let your office staff and neighbors know when you will be away from home and ask them to challenge strangers in the area.  Never give out information about yourself or others to strangers on the phone. Maintain a record of serial numbers of your property and of identification and credit cards. Include a brief description with each and keep this information in a safe place.

If you live on campus

Residence halls have rules including no door propping. Keep your suite or room doors locked at all times, especially when you leave your room for any reason.  Never leave your wallet, purse or valuables visibly unattended. Students are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to Campus Security. If you are uncomfortable at walking across campus at night, call the Campus Security Don’t Walk Alone number for a walking escort.

Keep your doors and windows locked. Make sure your doors are locked even if you are only gone for a short while. Keep your shades closed at night. Exterior lights on at night. Report all suspicious activity to the Gunnison Police.

Keep car doors locked and have your keys ready before you reach your car. Think twice about giving strangers (i.e. hitchhikers) rides or accepting rides from strangers.

Many violent crimes are committed by people who are intoxicated. Unfortunately, some of these are people you know. Often a victim has been using alcohol as well. These are circumstances you might be able to control.

Consider not drinking if you attend a function serving alcohol. If you do drink, do it responsibly and legally. Pay attention to what is going on with your friends. Don’t leave a friend behind if they’ve had too much to drink. Avoid becoming isolated or going home with people you don’t know well. People, even close friends, who have had too much alcohol often use very poor judgment.