Housing Application & Room Selection FAQs

Housing Application FAQs

Question: Where do I complete the housing application?

Answer: The housing application is available certain times of the year at housing.western.edu.  For more information on when the application is available for the term you are applying for housing, visit the Housing Application & Room Selection section of our website.

Question: If I am searching for a roommate(s) and I am entering all of their information correctly, why are they not showing up in the search?

Answer: This is most likely because your roommate(s) has not filled out the application yet; you can only search for and see other students who have completed the housing application for that term.

Question: If I un-click the "participate in web search for roommates" checkbox does this mean I can't find people I want to live with?

Answer: Yes it does.  We encourage students to leave this box checked before proceeding to the next step in the application as they will not be able to search for roommates, nor will potential roommates be able to search for them.  This does not mean the student will not have a roommate however, it just means the student has chosen not to participate in this part of the process. Please note you cannot return to this page in the application once it is complete, so if you have changed your mind about participating in the web search for roommates, please call the Residence Life office (970.943.2101) during regular business hours for assistance.

Housing Selection FAQs for Returning Students

Question: In the Room Search section when I select a particular building it gives me an error message, or I can't find the specific room I am looking for in the system.

Answer: If you are getting no results by selecting a certain building in the Room Search, or are looking for a specific room but cannot find it, then it is unavailable and already full, please select another option.

Question: When I am selecting my room will I have to have enough roommates connected to me to fill the room/apartment?

Answer: No, you do not have to fill apartments or rooms.  Any remaining beds in the room/suite/apartment will be able to be selected by other students completing the housing selection process.