Public Service Announcements

Request a Public Service Announcement (PSA)

PSAs exist to serve the public by providing information in a neutral manner. On-campus clubs and organizations are encouraged to request PSAs to help bring awareness to their events. PSAs are completely free. If you're a local business, check out our underwriting page.

Option 1:.

  1. (Optional) Attach a flyer for your event.
  2. Email it to Katarina Seibert.

Option 2:

  1. Visit KWSB in Taylor Hall 124.             
  2. Fill out the request form found on our bulletin board.
  3. Attach a flyer for your event (optional).
  4. Leave the form in our "drop-off" also found on the bulletin board folder.

Please turn in your request at least 2 weeks in advance in order to give your PSA adequate air time.