Erin Diller

Erin Diller

Erin Diller came to Western with a desire to explore the Art and Math majors offered. She found her passion in a Graphic Design emphasis after taking several art classes and meeting the professors.

Diller is from Weston, Colo.,—a small town that has a population of about 844 people.

“My town was pretty small. We had one school that was K-12, so I grew up knowing everyone in the town,” Diller said.  She was ready to head to college by the end of her senior year so she could meet new people and explore the Gunnison valley.

Diller has been studying Graphic Design and Math at Western for four years and is graduating in December 2017. She says her majors set her up well for life after college describes and that they remind her more of a profession than a major.

“I started as an Art major and I liked to draw but I realized that there’s no drawing major here. I decided on Graphic Design originally because it required me to study a lot of different things, then I fell in love with it. I have to have a variety of skills in order to be successful in my field,” Diller said.

Every day Diller confronts new challenges, and she confronts them all head on.

“In both majors I face problems every day, whether they’re design problems or literal math problems. It is fun, challenging, and rewarding to find solutions especially if it’s a problem I’ve been struggling with,” Diller said.

When these challenges emerge, Diller has help from her professors. With small classes, students at Western get a chance to get to know their professors and professors get to know the students. Professors learn the strengths of each student and know the best way to help each one.

“My professors would do anything to help aid me in my studies. They are super helpful and are always there when I need them. My advisor helps me the most with guiding my future and where my path is going to lead me,” Diller said.

When Diller graduates, she plans on pursuing a career in graphic design freelancing with a company and creating art on her own.

“I live in Quigley hall right now! I spend most of my time in the graphic design lab trying new and exciting things,” Diller said.

When Diller is not in Quigley, she is either filling her time with work-study in the studio or as a sports information student assistant or hanging out with her friends. She attends athletic events even when she is not working and enjoys hiking and exploring the valley.

“I wish that I would have started putting myself out there more as a freshman and gotten more involved. There is so much to do but I was quiet and shy,” Diller said.

Diller has enjoyed her time at Western, but she is ready to graduate and show the world what Western has taught her.

Story by Grace Flynn.