Briana Vigil

Western is the right school for me because I felt right at home when I came to visit. Olathe is not far from Gunnison, so I did not have to go far away from home. I am extremely family-oriented, and here at Western there are a lot of clubs and organizations that give that sense of family.

At Western I am involved in the Multicultural Center. I have been part of the Amigos club all my four years here and have served officer positions for three years. This year I am the president of the Amigos club. Amigos does take up a lot of my time, however through the club I have the opportunity to support many of the other clubs on campus. I have also been the women’s basketball manager and I am again this year.

My favorite thing to do in Gunnison is to go to Bingo with my roommate Kjirsten and to go to the Gunnisack and eat a delicious Gunny cookie.

My favorite memory of life at Western is hard to narrow down to one single memory, but I would have to say all the events the Amigos club put on are my favorite memories. I was able to help out with all of these and bring cultural awareness to campus.

One thing I've learned about myself since coming to Western is that I have become a very strong leader and more opinionated. I have confidence in myself which helps me to exert my leadership in a positive way.

Graduation Date:
May 2013

Areas of Study:

Academic Leadership Program Scholar

Multicultural Awareness Scholar

Hometown: Olathe, Colo.

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