Alissa Axtell, J.D.

Alissa Axtell smiles at the camera

The Education Department is excited to welcome our new Director of Educator Licensing, Alissa Axtell. 

Why did you decide to teach?

I was incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to attain an excellent education. Throughout elementary, secondary and undergraduate studies, my teachers and professors instilled in me a passion for learning and a desire to connect classroom studies with the outside world. In essence, I wanted to be able to give to this generation the opportunities that I was given.  

Why did you decide to join the faculty here?

After teaching in K-12 for 10 years and completing my law degree, I was ready to find a position where I could combine my experience in teaching and coaching with my passion for policy. Western’s position as Director of Educator Licensing provided me with the opportunity to not only combine policy and experience but also to help prepare the next generation of influential educators. I knew it would be a great fit as soon as I met the faculty in the department.  

What sets Western apart from other places you’ve studied or worked?

One of the aspects of Western that sets it apart for me is the level of collaboration. The faculty and staff in the Department of Education utilize each other as resources for expertise and problem solve together.  It is a very supportive, innovative and exciting place to work.