Gaye Jenkins, Ph.D.

Dr. Gaye Jenkins Headshot

Chair, Associate Professor of Education

Associate V.P. for Academic Affairs, Dean of Graduate Studies

B.Ed., University of Sussex, England; M.Ed., Lesley University; Ed.D. California Coast University

Under the direction of Education Department Chair Gaye, Western is leading the field of Educator Preparation in quality and innovation. "In Educator Preparation (Ed Prep), it is crucial to remain responsive to the sways and shifts required of K-12 educators in the field," says Jenkins. "Our very emphasis on the word ‘preparation’ indicates an obligation to actually perform ahead of the curves of transformation before they become evident in classrooms. Graduates need to be ready to not only merge with existing practices, but also to demonstrate skills of leadership into new strategies and ways of thinking that are required as current educators replace former emphases."

To ensure the relevance of Western's program and remain responsive to the needs of the field. Jenkins has led the faculty effort to continuously realign courses with the state's Teacher and Principal Quality Standards (T/PQS). This year, under Jenkins's leadership, Western also implemented an comprehensive observational tool to measure educator performance against quality standards. These efforts are serving as a model for educator preparation programs across the state and have gained the attention of the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

Dr. Jenkins earned her Doctorate in Education from California Coast University.  Before coming to Western, she founded and ran a private educational consulting firm. She is passionate about culturally and linguistically diverse education.