Taylor Indrebo

Taylor Indrebo riding a horse

Major: Recreation and Outdoor Education with an emphasis in Outdoor Leadership

Born: Petaluma, CA

Why came to Western?

I came to Western for the Recreation degree program offered, because the school was located in a small town centered in an outdoor environment and because of the wide range of extra-curricular activities offered through the school. The degree program offered the hands on classes I wanted and the school is in a location where outdoor activities of virtually any kind can be done. I was drawn to Western because of its Women’s Rugby Team; it was hard to find a school anywhere else that had the academic program I wanted as well as the sport I was looking to get into.


Coming out of high school I was unsure of what I wanted to do; so going out on a limb I moved back to California and got an Associates in Equine Science. It worked out perfectly that I loved it and it was something I was good at. In California I also had the chance to work for a few years at a dairy shaving cows, and also worked for a horse trainer starting colts among many other things. Then while at school here at Western I have worked summers as a Wrangler in Florissant, CO for Sanborn Western Camps leading horse trips. I have also been lucky enough to have to opportunity to work for a family here in town that runs dog sledding tours in the winter and horseback rides and pack trips in the summer. Drawn to the physicality of the sport, my first semester at Western I joined the Women’s Rugby Team.  Going into rugby having never played before I felt very welcomed by the team and I have enjoyed learning the fast paced contact sport.  Some other interests of mine include backpacking and paintball.

Future Goals?

To continue traveling around, working and taking people horse packing. It’s a blast taking people out that have never ridden before and seeing the confidence they gain around horses or taking people who don’t normally have the opportunity to get out into a backcountry setting.