Sam Degenhard

Sam Degenhard

Sam graduated from Western in May of 2013

I work for Red Bull in the field of sports marketing.  Since graduating in May, I've been working in Red Bull's Graduate Program, which is a full-time, 18 month position that focuses on leadership development within sports marketing in true Red Bull style. I work on a team supporting sporting and athlete projects across the West. Red Bull gives wings to people and ideas. I am thrilled to be working with them after graduation.

Western is the right school for me because it challenged me both academically and personally. Western has the class size and professor relationships that have allowed me to excel and pursue my passions. Western has the location too; if I’m not in class you can find me getting after everything this valley has to offer in the outdoors. There are not many places where you can work out a problem 1-on-1 with your professor in their office after class and shred with them the next day on the slopes.

At Western I was involved in as much as possible on campus. Some of my past experiences include mountain bike team vice president, freeride ski team vice and president, and freeride ski team webmaster.  I stayed involved in several ways: Western Ambassador, SGA Senator, Western on-campus rail park/jam manager, mountain sports team marketing assistant, and member of the 21+ events committee.

When not in class, I spend most of my time outside. Whether  on the slopes with my skis or on the trails with my bike, I did my best to make the most of Western's wonderful surroundings. 

My favorite thing about Western is its location. Western is nestled in the heart of the Rockies – no one has the menu of activities and outdoors like we do. Outside of location, I love Western for the family feel that I get. Awesome friends and mentors make for a place I call home.

Leaving high school I knew that I wanted to challenge myself.  Because of its small size, Western has allowed me to push myself both inside and outside of the classroom. My education at Western has been what I made it to be, the harder I work the greater the satisfaction or reward.

My favorite professor is Menon Billingsley, a professor of mine in the Business department. Menon pushes her students to go beyond the norm. Her advice, motivation, and guidance have helped me pursue my academics and ambitions for the future to a new level. Menon is one of those professors that I hope to have for a lifetime.

Majored in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Marketing, minored in Computer Information Science