Beryl Sandridge

Beryl Sandridge

Major: Recreation Outdoor Education

Emphasis: Outdoor Environmental Education

Minor: Biology

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Why Western?  I knew I did not want to go to a big school like CSU or Boulder, and I also did not want to stay in Colorado Springs (UCCS). When I came to Gunnison for the first time it didn’t seem like anything too special but the school had a recreation program and a great biology one as well. Skiing half an hour away was always an added bonus to the charm of Western. The longer you stay here the more Gunnison grows on you. With a river, hiking/biking trails, and skiing within easy reach and sun 300 plus days a year, this valley is a hidden gem in the Rockies.

Interests: Skiing, white water rafting, hiking, cooking, swimming, animals, music (saxophone and ukulele)

Future goals/employment: I have a camp medic job set up in Nebraska at a Boy Scout camp for the upcoming 2014 summer, but after that I plan to come back to the Gunnison Valley. Seasonal jobs are where its at for many young recreation students and that sounds like the life to me. Backpacking and rafting in the summer and skiing (instructor hopefully) in the winter, I just can’t stay away from the amazing little town for very long.