Professional Activity Fund



Western Colorado University Professional Activity Fund is available to assist faculty as they conduct professional activities. For the purposes here, professional activity is defined as it is in Section 3.08.III.C of the Handbook for Professional Personnel: 
Professional activity includes, but is not limited to: engagement with the novel; research; publishing; professional presentations; artistic endeavors; attending professional conferences; grant writing; representing faculty at regional, state, national organizations; and official capacities within professional associations. Professional activity should be directed toward improving classroom teaching, involving students in research and scholarly activity, or enhancing the reputation of the University. Emphasis should be on activities that keep teaching current and valid.

Professional Activity Fund Priorities:

-    Projects that enhance the University's ability to grow endowments may be given priority
-    Projects that enhance the reputation and visibility of faculty scholarship and the university as a place for teaching and learning may be given priority.
-    Projects that have full or partial matching support through grant funds, foundations fund, or department operating or travel funds may be given priority.

1.    In the definition of Professional Activity above, we would like to clarify that PAF funds cannot be awarded to students and/or applied toward student expenditures and can only be applied to faculty, whose application evidences improving classroom teaching, involving students in research or enhancing the reputation of the University.  As such, PAF funds can be applied toward faculty projects supporting students and/or making use of student time, though PAF funds cannot be applied toward covering student expenditures, materials, travel, per diem or conference costs.  

2.    While the priorities above do not necessarily reference and/or require frugality, these are hard economic times and we want to encourage efforts at frugality whenever possible when budgeting.  

a.    On a related note, only personal funds explicitly used to pay for a conference registration, hotel, airfare, etc. can be considered toward matching funds.  

3.    The PAF funds shall not be awarded toward covering the cost of research materials and/or equipment for faculty research.  Please, talk to your Chairs about financing such needs.      

4.    The Council will not review proposals that are incoherent, do not observe good grammar and English language, and that don’t clearly meet the format and content requirements set out in the guidelines. 

5.    PAF proposals cannot be re-written and re-submitted in a subsequent round.  However, the same applicant can submit multiple proposals during the academic year so long as they fit the PAF priorities.  Also, applicants may submit their PAF grant draft for revision and suggestions, excluding them from the pool of applicants until draft has been finalized and submitted officially as such.