Politics Resources

Volunteer Opportunities in US and abroad

Relief Web (http://reliefweb.int/)

Offers info on humanitarian and military emergencies as well as a comprehensive, weekly update on international relief job vacancies and training opportunities.

    a.       Relief Web Vacancies Page  (http://reliefweb.int/jobs)

       i. Can be specialized based on region of interest and type of job.

Foreign Policy Association (http://www.fpa.org/)

   a. FPA Global Job Board (Http://fpa.org/jobs/)

      i.  Students can sign up to receive weekly updates via email.

American Refugee Committee International jobs


African Refugee Committee International

   a. AFC volunteer: http://www.arcrelief.org/site/PageServer?pagename=careers_volunteer

International Rescue Committee   (http://www.rescue.org/)

    a. Works with newly arrived refugees in the United States

    b. IRC volunteering site (http://www.rescue.org/volunteering)

    c. IRC careers (http://www.rescue.org/careers)

The Humanitarian Chronicle

    a. HC home page: Http://humanitarianchronicle.com/2008/09/humanitarian-jobs/

Cross Cultural Solutions


   a.  volunteer opportunities in many fields

Global Volunteers (http://www.globalvolunteers.org/)
International Career Employment Weekly


United Nations (http://www.un.org/en/index.html)

    a. UN volunteer opportunities (https://www.unv.org/become-volunteer)

News and current events (world politics) websites