Mark A. Gibson

Mark A. Gibson
Mark A. Gibson
Chair, Recreation, Exercise & Sport Science Department; Professor of Recreation and Outdoor Education
B.A., Eastern Washington University; M.S., Colorado State University; Ed.D., University of Northern Colorado.
(970) 943-7129
Office Location: 
Wright Gym 224
Recreation, Exercise & Sport Science Department (RESS)
Academic Program: 
Recreation & Outdoor Education

Mark Gibson

Courses Taught:

  • OLRM 182:  Introduction to Leisure and Recreation
  • OLRM 189:  Principles of Outdoor Recreation
  • OLRM 283:  Recreation Leadership
  • OLRM 364:  Entrepreneurship and Commercial Recreation
  • OLRM 393:  Outdoor Pursuits Education - Water Based
  • OLRM 395:  Outdoor Pursuits Education - Snow Based


Pedalling, Paddling, Rowing, Carving and creating the next opportunity to Pedal, Paddle, Row, or Carve! Exploring new frontiers on the inside and out while helping others to discover the same.

Favorite Quote:

"Letting my heart and soul guide my way through a series of risks is what I need." -- Triscuit.

"I am definitely inspired by the wonder of the world." -- Dearfly

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