Maria Boikova Struble

Maria Boikova Struble
Professor of Politics and Government
B.A., Louisiana State University
M.A., Arizona State University
Ph.D., Lancaster University
(970) 943-3024
Office Location: 
Kelley Hall 204
Environment & Sustainability Department
Behavioral & Social Sciences Department
Academic Program: 
Global Studies
Politics & Government


Assistant Professor of Politics and Government
B.A., Louisiana State University; M.A., Arizona State University; Ph.D., Lancaster University.

Phone: (970) 943-3024
Office: Kelley Hall 204

My mission at Western:  to nurture and support students as they engage with difficult political questions; to encourage them to explore, be critical and ask questions of everything and everyone in the world; to support their creativity and make it possible for them to share it with others; to become a better instructor by learning to listen, reflect and communicate better with students; to challenge my students to think about questions such as human rights, refugees, migration and power from the positions of global citizens, not simply as passive observers; to strengthen the political science program by offering relative instruction, positive classroom environment and opportunities for field experience.

Classes taught at Western

Pols 117 – Introduction to Political Ideologies (two sections)

Pols 250 - Politics of the Environment

Pols 255 - Introduction to Comparative Politics

Pols 260 – Introduction to World Politics

Pols 309 – Ancient to Early Modern Political Theory

Pols 355 - Politics of Development

Pols 360 – American Foreign Policy

Pols 487 - Senior seminar in International Relations

Research Interests

  • Refugees, displacement and migration
  • International human rights
  • Testimony, language and bearing witness
  • The sovereign state and globalization
  • Environmental degradation and violence
  • Critical theories of International Relations

About me


-          Nationality: Bulgarian

-          I have lived and studied in Bulgaria, France, the United States and Great Britain

-          I speak Bulgarian, English, and French

-          Favorite cuisine: Indian

-          Favorite book: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

-          Favorite authors: Milan Kundera, Anna Akhmatova, Paul Celan and Terry Pratchett

Personal interests

-          Mountaineering

-          Knitting

-          Gardening

-          Traveling

-          Poetry (writing)

-          Hiking



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