Heidi Steltzer, Ph.D.

Headshot of Heidi Steltzer

Professor of Biology and Environment and Sustainability



Dr. Heidi Steltzer is a mountain and Arctic scientist, explorer and science communicator. She has spent 25 years conducting field studies on mountain and Arctic hillslopes in Colorado, Alaska, Greenland and recently China to understand how healthy ecosystems provide for human wellbeing. She has pioneered studies on the impacts of earlier snowmelt through experimentally accelerating snowmelt and monitoring plant and ecosystem responses. Dr. Heidi Steltzer is a lead author for the chapter on High Mountain Areas in the 2019 IPCC Special Report on the Oceans and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate. In January 2020, she testified before the US House Committee on Science, Space and Technology about the Climate Crisis. Find her on social media @heidimountains.